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Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

This is an online JavaScript scientific calculator. You can click the buttons or by typing to perform calculations as you would on a physical calculator. It will help you in calculations related to your college and school projects, academics and other stuff.

Uses of Scientific Calculator

Scientific calculators are used mostly in those conditions that require instant access to some mathematical functions, particularly those that were once viewed up in mathematical tables, like trigonometric functions or logarithms.

They are very often needed for math classes from the junior high school level through college, and are generally either allowed or required on many standardized tests including math and science subjects; as a result, many are sold into educational markets to cover this requirement, and some high-end models include features making it easier to interpret a problem on a textbook page into calculator input, e.g. by providing a way to enter an entire difficulty in as it is written on the page using simple formatting tools.

Functions of Scientific Calculator

Modern scientific calculators commonly have many more features than a standard four or five-function calculator, and the feature set varies between manufacturers and models; however, the defining features of a scientific calculator include:

  • Floating-point arithmetic
  • Scientific notation
  • Logarithmic functions, using both base 10 and base e
  • Trigonometric functions (some including hyperbolic trigonometry)
  • Exponential functions and roots beyond the square root
scientific calculator

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